100% UIS and Rg Tested 

MOSFET with ROHS compliant and halogen-free capacity is offered from e-Vehicle Semiconductor Technology. It can cover voltage classes up to 100V, combining with a wide variety of application.


Product Number Package VDS(V) ID(A)@25°C RDS(ON)(mΩ-max)@ VGS=10V
NA0910 TO-252 100 58 9
NA1760 TO-252 60 42 17.0
NA3510 TO-252 100 25 35
NB0440 TO-220 40 102 4.5
NB1060 TO-220 60 60 11.5
NC4060 PDFN5060 Dual 60 15.7 40
NF0240 PDFN5060 40 188 1.7
NF0840 PDFN5060 40 53 8.0
NF0910 PDFN5060 100 25 9
NF3510 PDFN5060 100 25 35
NG1640 PDFN3333 40 31 16.0



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