CEO Message

CEO Message

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Looking back on 2023, the business landscape suffered numerous changes and challenges. The Automotive-grade IC industry also experienced rapid changes in market demand. Multiple uncertain factors tested company’s adaptability and resilience. e-Vehicle Semiconductor has been deeply ingrained in the automotive-grade IC design and manufacturing for over 10 years. Our most advanced automotive-grade IC and MEMS technology can provide diversified customers with comprehensive product mix. This technology leadership can enhance our resilience and competitiveness.
As being a member of the global village, e-Vehicle has been committed to environmental sustainability. We have integrated I-Ching's(易經) view on nature into our product design, R&D and manufacturing. I-Ching has regarded nature as a closely related whole, where all elements are interdependent each other. The goals of I-Ching is to build an ecological network of symbiosis, coexistence and common development. The meaning of “development” in I-Ching is based on the harmonious symbiosis of all beings, which conserves the environment, pursues resource recycling and reusing, and maintains ecological sustainability. Based on this philosophy, we have planned to launch a full range of automotive-grade IC product mix suitable for hydrogen energy vehicles, lithium battery vehicles, hybrid vehicles and petrol cars – Great Possessing (大有卦Da You), Force (乾卦Qian), Holding (鼎卦Ding), Abounding (豐卦Feng), Great Accumulating (大畜卦Da Xu), Persevering (恆卦 Heng) and Returning (復卦Fu) Series.
Hydrogen energy vehicles need to operate normally in extreme environments. The operating temperature of hydrogen energy itself is very high. The detection range of hydrogen sensors is 0 to 40,000 ppm, which requires high accuracy and sensitivity. The overall design is a very stringent challenge. So far, very few manufacturers can meet this product specification, and e-Vehicle is the second manufacturer to develop it successfully.

In the challenging market, we have been conscientious on strengthening our own R&D capabilities. I would like to express my gratitude to the management team, shareholders, suppliers, and customers for their cooperation. e-Vehicle has actively responded to the expectations and demands from all stakeholders. We will be striving to create mutually beneficial relationships, shape common values and pursue excellence and moral integrity. At the end of 2023, e-Vehicle signed a strategic investment agreement with Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea, it is the first Taiwanese company to receive high-level attention and policy support from high-ranking officials in South Korea.

The meaning of agreement symbolizes the long-term friendly relationship between Taiwan and South Korea. This cooperation can create a win-win situation for the development of automotive-grade IC industry, local economic prosperity, and environmental sustainability (For details, please refer to the press release of major Korean media).

e-Vehicle believe that the core competitiveness of an enterprise must contribute to the harmonious development of all beings. We will continue to connect sustainability with business practice, and work with the global supplier partners and customers together with an aim to build a robust and resilient ecosystem.
Lastly, keep the faith “May there be peace in the community, may there be no disasters in this world, and may all our dreams come true.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Jeffrey Ho 2024




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