CEO Message

CEO Message

I have dedicated my whole career to the automotive industry for over 30 years. Although there were lots of obstacles and challenges, they had never worn out my passion and enthusiasm. My most significant turning point came between 2001 to 2010. During that time, I faced a lot of unpredictable challenges and setbacks. I was lost on an uncertain road with a feeling of helplessness. Instead of ignoring the tribulation, I persevered on this grueling path triumphing over my obstacles and learning from my mistakes to constantly enhance self-discipline. In 2008, I implemented the method PDCA(Plan-Do-Check-Act) of the BU plan for e-vehicle. This resulted in a major reduction in failure mode for the following years.
A lesson learned from FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) was to embrace the rugged journeys and accept their values and meaning. It brought me to where I am today. I want to encourage those whom are suffering through similar experiences.  Please do not give up early and keep true to your original intents. Having self-evaluated myself regularly with a humtrable attitude, I have continuously seen brighter futures.
Time flies as e-Vehicle steps to its second decade. Although we have gotten many unsupported opinions from the beginning, we turned the negative backlashes into fuel, insisting on taking the correct actions. Now, e-Vehicle is growing stronger, our product line provides more than 100 products, which cover over 1,500 car models. We’ve diversified ourselves throughout the globe. We now have support from 60 countries around the world. During this 30 years-long journey, it nourished my path to success. Fortunately, it was accompanied by the guidance of friends in the related industries. We thank MediaTek for the support it gave e-Vehicle while we were being established.
A momentous turning point in the automotive industry will be witnessed in the next decade. The main driver of macroeconomic growth is dramatically changing. These changes are bringing aware of the issues of environmental protection and carbon reduction. As early as 2008, e-Vehicle has already taken action to support these big issues, therefore my teams are now mainly focused on “New Energy Vehicle” as our core development. After 2016, e-Vehicle is divided its business into the main four categories: CV, HEV, BEV, and FCEV. Battery electric vehicles are the most popular trend nowadays, but it still isn’t optimal and will continue to cause pollution. Battery electric vehicles are not the ultimate solution. What we care about is our long-term sustainability, it’s valuable to develop fuel cell electric vehicles. We will achieve the goal of zero-emission and contribute to saving the earth. Hereby, e-Vehicle is being committed to innovation ensuring the product varieties, and aim to provide a comprehensive solution to satisfy customers’ needs.
e-Vehicle is grateful for receiving the help of everyone, as it wouldn’t be here today without it. I sincerely appreciate all my seniors for their guidance and assistance, as well as our management team for their dedication. A masterpiece with the most eco-friendly and energy-saving capabilities will be officially released shortly. Let's pray and bless the earth together: world peace, end of epidemics, free from natural disasters. May everyone enjoy a delightful and plentiful journey till the end.
Jeffrey Ho   2022.03



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