• 2022-10-03
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    Hyundai's hydrogen heavy-duty vehicles lead the world

    The company tends to consider hydrogen fuel as a clean energy solution for commercial vehicles or heavy vehicles, mainly because of the convenience of hydrogen fuel in production, transportation, sub-packaging and storage, coupled with its high-density energy carrier, which can reduce the hydrogen refueling time and enables hydrogen vehicles to provide continuous energy output suitable for long-distance driving and carrying heavy loads more than lithium vehicles, greatly reducing downtime, thereby improving work efficiency and reducing infrastructure costs.

  • 2022-09-30
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    The right support of policy to incentivize the sales of hydrogen vehicles

    The biggest bottleneck in the development of hydrogen energy vehicles is not the development of the car body itself, but the acquisition of new energy hydrogen fuel. Lithium vehicles, which are also new energy vehicles, only use charging devices to achieve the effect of energy storage, and the barriers to entering the market are not high. However, the development of hydrogen vehicles must be fully supported by the government in terms of policies, and sufficient subsidies should be given to the hydrogen refueling infrastructure, as well as to the sales of hydrogen vehicles and the setting of hydrogen refueling stations.

  • 2022-09-26
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    The sales of Hyundai's hydrogen vehicles are much higher than Toyota's

    Since the Japanese and South Korean governments have similar subsidies for hydrogen vehicles, it is believed that the number and distribution density of hydrogen refueling stations are the factors that cause the significant gap in domestic sales.

  • 2022-09-23
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    The history of hyundai motor's development of hydrogen vehicles set a milestone in the revolution of the automobile industry

    The launch of 4G and 5G networks around the world by South Korean telecommunications companies as leaders is the best example of this shift; it can also be confirmed in the automotive industry, especially with Hyundai Motor's role in hydrogen vehicles and its ecosystem. Development is the most watched and anticipated, and its implications are worthy of in-depth discussion. The first is to get rid of the market positioning of followers.

  • 2022-09-12
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    Only auto-experts have a great vision on hydrogen vehicles

    For the establishment of green homes, the standard is constantly improving, and the goal of reducing carbon emissions has been gradually revised by major countries to zero emissions; in the future, all automakers will inevitably move towards the development of hydrogen energy vehicles.

  • 2022-09-05
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    Hydrogen vehicles will be the only way to reach zero-emission

    Discussions by energy experts invited by CNBC positioned hydrogen as a game-changing technology that could underpin nuclear, natural gas, and renewables, among others, while talking to a variety of other energy sources. In short, reaching zero emissions cannot be achieved by relying solely on renewable energy sources. Hydrogen fuel can play an important alternative to the role of natural gas, especially in managing seasonality and intermittency.

  • 2022-08-29
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    Toyota and Hyundai is dedicated to develop a variety of hydrogen vehicles in different regions

    Toyota and Hyundai are known to be the forerunners of hydrogen vehicles, pioneering models such as the Mirai and NEXO. What is interesting is that these two Asia-based major automakers, the representative works of hydrogen vehicles that have entered Europe and China, are commercial vehicles or heavy-duty vehicles.

  • 2022-08-22
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    Ford is committed to the development of hydrogen internal combustion engines

    In March 2022, Ford's hydrogen fuel internal combustion engine patent was exposed, which makes the ultra-lean combustion of direct injection in the cylinder cleaner and produces better power levels. Many car manufacturers have given up engines with large displacements such as V12 and V10, and only the V8 engine can probably appear in supercar brands. As a result, some speculate that Ford's best-selling Mustang, which uses a V8, will switch to hydrogen fuel and continue to market it.

  • 2022-08-19
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    GM taps into hydrogen-powered vehicles with niche market

    The development of hydrogen fuel cells is regarded as a long-term promised technology which does not limit its development to the power source of mobile vehicles in the narrow sense, but is defined in the concept of platform development in a broad sense called Hydrotec. In addition, GM believes that Ultium, a lithium vehicle technology platform, still has shortcomings, and needs to be complemented by a fuel cell system Hydrotec, which is a complete electric processing solution.

  • 2022-08-15
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    Renault and stelantis group enter hydrogen energy sector with commercial vehicles

    It is worth noting that the vehicle uses short loops and low-carbon mineral sources, and uses low-carbon energy to assemble and produce a battery that is 60% less carbon-intensive than its peers, so that the carbon footprint is 75% smaller than the carbon footprint of the company's Megane E-Tech lithium car.

  • 2022-08-12
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    Daimler and volvo confirm hydrogen energy trend, jointly develop heavy-duty vehicles

    In the future, all automakers will inevitably move towards the development of hydrogen energy vehicles.

  • 2022-08-08
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    Hydrogenation of heavy vehicles is imperative

    On the other hand, if hydrogen energy is used, the hydrogen energy station is arranged on a fixed route like a gas station, and the hydrogen refueling time is extremely short, which is almost the same as the type of gas refueling in the past. Although the current price of hydrogen-powered heavy-duty vehicles will still be significantly higher than that of fuel-powered vehicles, in the long run, it will have better cost-effectiveness.

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