Green Life

Green Life
Cycle of Kindness
Hydrogen fuel cell is a cycle of kindness leading a world with clean, safe and carbon-free source of energy. It has the potential to become a key factor for a greener future. This emerging technology will play an important role to create impactful contributions to fight against global warming. Our goal is to create a positive chain of kindness to give back to the nature, to preserve OUR land.


What is a fuel cell?
The most eco-friendly fuel is the hydrogen fuel cell. It is a combination of oxygen from the air through a fuel cell, generating electricity and water through an electrochemical process. What’s incredible about fuel cells is that the highly efficient process of creating electricity produces zero harmful emissions, just emitting with lots of pure water making it an environmentally friendly green technology.
How it works?

The hydrogen-based car works by generating electricity to power a motor through the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. It is the ultimate eco-friendly with carbon-free car since it doesn’t burn gasoline and doesn't emit carbon dioxide which is a cause of severe global warming.

The benefits of FCEV
The fuel cell with hydrogen-based technologies provides the most effective and environmentally friendly solutions to improve our energy needs and lead a world with having a sustainable green life. Hydrogen fuel cell technology brings a great deal of benefits in a variety impacts over other power sources, including:


1. Zero-Carbon Energy 

Hydrogen fuel cells provide a clean and safe source of energy with no harmful impacts toward the environment. During the operation, it just simply emits heat and water. 

2. Less Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Not like fossil fuel sources, hydrogen fuel cells do not generate greenhouse gas, thus it reduces pollution and improve air as well.

3. Renewable and Readily Available

The most abundant element in the world is hydrogen. It is a uniquely abundant and renewable source of energy, perfect for our future zero-carbon needs for combined heat and power supplies.

4. Fast Charging

The charging time for hydrogen fuel cell power provide the same flexibility as conventional cars.

5. No Noise Pollution

Green hydrogen vehicles are much quieter than those that use conventional internal combustion engines.

6. Robust Reliability

Hydrogen fuel cells offer greater efficiencies regarding usage times, and it has the same range as those that use fossil fuels. What’s more, hydrogen fuel cells has proven itself against tough conditions, including cold environments as low as -40 degrees F/C. It is not easily impacted by the outside temperature.

7. Versatility of Use

Hydrogen powered vehicles are just one example, this green technology will be able to provide energy in a variety of applications which could be used in such as domestic products as well as larger scale heating systems.



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