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e-Vehicle is based on worldwide automotive standard IATF 16949:2016 to launch our products. We cooperate with supplier partners from downstream who have been certified to IATF 16949:2016. To ensure the quality and safety of our products, we’re currently actively applying for IATF 16949:2016 certification to fulfill our customers’ satisfaction.

We promote eco-friendly procurement by proactively adopting materials that are qualified for the standard of RoHS(2015/863).
IC - Tier3
Our outstanding team designs the IC for the automotive vehicle that meets AEC-Q100 high standards. It can survive in an extreme environment from -40℃~+150℃.

CP (Chip Probe)

The machine, KYEC E320BD is used in testing "Chip Probes."

Test items are as follows:

UserPowerON、Relay_OS 、OS、power_short 、Relay_RST、A01_IDD_StandBy 、A02_IDD_ShuntDown 、Digital_Start、opif_rd_h02_id_b10099_E 、 opif_rd_h02_id_b10099_F 、ATPG_40MHz_E、 ATPG_10MHz_E 、ATPG_40MHz_F 、 ATPG_10MHz_F.


The different types of "Packaging" are as follows :

Control IC : QFN-24
MOSFET : TO-252、TO-220 、PDFN5060、PDFN3333
Photocoupler : SO-6 、SO-6L、DIP-8 、SO-8

FT (Final Test)

The machine, Teradyne FLEX100 is used in the "Final Test."

Test items are as follows :

ADC_CHK、ATPG_10MHz 、 ATPG_40MHz 、 CHOKE_FUNC 、 Digital_Start 、 DutyCycle 、 FAST_OS 、 IDD_ShutDown 、 IDD_StandBy 、 IG_Vth 、 LAMP_FUNC 、 LDO5 、 LoadDump_Vth 、 O_S_N_VB 、 Over_Vth 、 PHASE_DET 、 Power_On 、 power_short 、 Relay_OS 、 Relay_RST 、 RSLS_2PPMU 、 Scan2Normal 、 ShortCkt_Vth 、 Under_Vth 、 UVLO_Vth 、 VREF...

MODULE - Tier2
Our module cosmetic inspection is based on IPC-A-610 Class 2 certification.

Thick Film Printing

The machine DEK-J1761RS(M) is used in testing "Thick Film Printing."

The electrically conductive adhesive with a smooth and flat surface is used for printing, it brings many advantages, such as outstanding electrical conductivity, excellent adhesion, and exceptional solder resistance. What's astounding, the ratio of silver foil and silver-palladium alloy can make the IC more resistant to survive at low temperatures.

SMT (Surface Mount Technology)

These machines are used in the phase of "Surface Mount Technology" :

MALCOM PCU-205 : The solder paste inspection process ensures the quality of solder paste printing.
EKRA XH STS : The high-accuracy solder paste printing machine can provide superior forming and enhance tin amounts.
TR7006L: Measuring the thickness of Tin to qualify its specification requirement.
GAM40U : Preventing the solder paste from sticking to the back of the steel plate.
JUKI KE-2070M : The high-speed pick and place machine enhances the production efficiency.

Dynamic Laser Trimming

e-Vehicle Semiconductor Technology develops an "Original Dynamic Laser Trimming Machine" with the system of CCD (Charge Coupled Device) image navigation to progress the high-accuracy cutting.

– High-performance resistor: ± 0.1%
 Automatically measure F voltage

– Estimate the resistor adjustment


Electrical test

e-Vehicle Semiconductor Technology develops an "Original Voltage Regulator Tester" with self-developed software. It can scan barcodes and automatically determine test items. The data performance will be uploaded to the drive and simultaneously analyzed.


To meet customers satisfaction, e-Vehicle conducts the quality management of APQP(Advanced Product Quality Planning), which is our core principle in the automotive industry, mainly for evaluating and improving processes to reduce failure mode.

  • Amazing Design
    Amazing for Advanced Products
  • Professional Machine
    Professional for Original Product Design
  • Quality Assurance
    Quality for World Class Assurance
  • Precise Method
    Precise for the Strict Test Planning



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