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It is the best choice for New Energy Vehicles with consideration of environmental protection and performance

Green hydrogen is regarded as a truly zero-carbon green energy source. Even though hydrogen is a secondary energy source, hydrogen vehicles still are the best choice for new energy vehicles.

The use of hydrogen energy is not infallible, and in fact no energy source is perfect. Hydrogen is not a primary energy source such as fossil fuels, but a secondary energy source that reproduces primary energy. So it is not what Toyota or petrochemical companies that are interested in the development of hydrogen fuel say, hydrogen is unlimited energy. Therefore, hydrogen energy vehicles using hydrogen fuel are not an ideal form of energy use, but considering the inevitable trend of low carbon, low pollution and energy diversification, as well as the dual advantages of hydrogen energy vehicles in performance and convenience have been fully verified. It is the best choice for new energy vehicles that take into account environmental protection and performance. In addition, in terms of power, hydrogen energy vehicles can flexibly combine the existing technologies of fuel vehicles and lithium electric vehicles to create more diversified vehicle models, fully satisfying consumers in terms of economical or dynamic performance, and even the needs of different aspects of the senses. It can be seen from the efforts of Toyota and Hyundai in hydrogen energy vehicles that, in addition to competing with each other in mass-produced passenger cars, the two companies have adopted different methods to verify the high performance of hydrogen energy vehicles for various possibilities for activating hydrogen vehicles. This means that hydrogen energy vehicles can better demonstrate the true strength of car manufacturers and stimulate more creativity and business opportunities in the future for auto industry than lithium electric vehicles with limited differences.

At present, the most urgent need to solve is to narrow the gap between reality and reality. We should concentrate our efforts on creating a more solid ecological environment, especially in the construction of hydrogen fuel infrastructure. Stakeholders such as users can share its advantages.

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