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Hyundai motor's layout in hydrogen vehicles will bring a new era of cross-industry diversified development of the auto industry

pic_31工作區域 1The ambition of Hyundai is to build a diversified development in the automotive industry from upstream and downstream enterprises.

Subject to the increasingly stringent regulations on carbon emissions and the physical characteristics of lithium batteries, it is necessary to convert heavy vehicles or commercial vehicles into hydrogen. In addition, the driving route and operating time of commercial vehicles are relatively fixed, and it is easy to plan the location and supporting scheme of the hydrogen refueling station, which is almost in line with the necessary conditions for commercialization. In contrast, hydrogen-powered passenger cars lack urgency and economy, so European car manufacturers generally have plans to develop hydrogen-powered heavy vehicles, such as Renault and Stellantis Group, Daimler and Volvo, etc., but have not started for hydrogenation of passenger cars. However, the market size of heavy-duty vehicles is far less than that of passenger cars. Although it can be regarded as the key to start the hydrogenation of automobiles, it lacks sufficient kinetic energy to promote the full-scale hydrogenation of automobiles. It is true that conditions conducive to the popularization of the passenger car field must be established like lithium vehicles, in order to form economies of scale and get rid of the situation of relying on policy subsidies to survive. As Li Hezhen, President of Hyundai Motor Group China, put forward at the China EV100 Conference to strengthen the popularization of hydrogen-powered passenger vehicles, the society's acceptance of hydrogen energy can be improved, so that upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain can quickly achieve rapid growth through economies of scale to reduce costs and create a virtuous cycle structure in which enterprises spontaneously participate in the market. This view is enough to reflect Hyundai Motor's vision and determination to develop hydrogen vehicles in an all-round way, and its blueprint is beyond the reach of other car manufacturers.

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