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Product Concept:大有 Great Possessing (Da You) IC - Fuel Cell System

第二版-電腦 大有IC
e-Vehicle Semiconductor has the most advanced automotive-grade IC and MEMS technology in the world. e-Vehicle will release a full range of automotive-grade IC product mix suitable for hydrogen energy vehicles, lithium battery vehicles, hybrid vehicles and petrol cars – Great Possessing (大有卦 Da You), Force (乾卦 Qian), Holding (鼎卦Ding), Abounding (豐卦Feng), Great Accumulating (大畜卦Da Xu), Persevering (恆卦Heng) and Returning (復卦Fu) Series.

The product concept comes from I-Ching(易經). I-Ching has regarded nature as a closely related whole, where all elements are interdependent from each other. No beings can exist independently of the whole, each is related. The goal of I-Ching is to build an ecological network of symbiosis, coexistence, and common development. The meaning of “development” in I-Ching is based on the harmonious symbiosis of all beings, which conserves the environment, pursues resource recycling and reusing, and maintains ecological sustainability. Therefore, we use the trigrams of I-Ching to present the IC series models. Not only because of the small size of IC chip, but also correspondingly we are members of the global village, even though we are as small as an IC chip, we still have to do our best to make the planet a better place.

Hydrogen energy vehicles need to operate normally in extreme environments. The operating temperature of hydrogen energy itself is very high. The detection range of hydrogen sensors is 0 to 40,000 ppm, which requires high accuracy and sensitivity. The overall design is a very stringent challenge. So far, very few manufacturers can meet this product specification, and e-Vehicle is the second manufacturer to develop it successfully.

The automobile has had an impact on the world's economic and cultural development, and further changed human lifestyles. It will also be a key role for the future. e-Vehicle will release a series of products for hydrogen-powered vehicles in 2024. Hydrogen only produces H2O in the end, we hope that all vehicles can utilize the convenience and resources of the universe, minimize the impact on the environment, and make the environment more sustainable.





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