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The development focus of German hydrogen stations shifting to providing services for commercial vehicles

The expansion of hydrogen infrastructure is the prime strategy to increase market acceptance of hydrogen vehicles.

Germany, a powerful country in automobile production and a pioneer in environmental protection in Europe, naturally attracts the most attention in the layout of hydrogen refueling stations. In fact, Germany does have the most hydrogen refueling stations in Europe, almost over one half of them. H2 MOBILITY, the leading hydrogen refueling station operator led by the German government, has 94 hydrogen refueling stations in operation in May 2022. The main investors are the hydrogen fuel infrastructure investment platform Hy24, oil companies such as OMV, Shell and Total, the industrial gas manufacturers Air Liquide and Linde, and BMW, Daimler Trucks, Toyota and Hyundai Motors, which are equivalent to covering related supplies chain operators. The company has secured new financing and expects to expand its fleet of hydrogen refueling stations to 300 by 2030. Originally, the company's customer base was mainly small passenger cars, but now it will increase the capacity of the hydrogen refueling station, from the current 200 kilograms of hydrogen per day to one ton, in line with the future more than 200 units will provide services for heavy and long-distance transportation as the goal. The company was established in early 2015 and is expected to break even in 2026, and it seems to see the dawn of opportunity from the current tough situation. This is undoubtedly the best encouragement for the industry that has invested in the development of the hydrogen energy market. It is worth noting that BMW, an important investor in H2 Mobility, called for the expansion of hydrogen infrastructure in March 2022, hoping to reduce the separation distance of each 700 bar hydrogen station from 150 to 100 kilometers in 2027. BMW plans to mass-produce ix5 hydrogen vehicles in 2022, and market acceptance is closely related to the popularity of hydrogen refueling stations.

Hydrogen energy development in France is still in its infancy, but will heat up with the positive attitude of the French government. Between now and 2030, the government will invest 7.2 billion Euros in the development of hydrogen energy-related industries, including 2 billion Euros from 2021 to 2022, to provide France with a network of hydrogen refueling stations with sufficient hydrogen supply.

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