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For ecological development, US mainly focuses on two major metro areas in California.

FCHEA association points out that hydrogen refueling stations are expected to be built across the United States by 2030.

Most of the development of hydrogen energy in the United States is concentrated in California, because the California Energy Commission took the lead in 2016. Subsidies have been promoted for technical programs for light hydrogen vehicles and hydrogenation infrastructure such as alternative and renewable fuels. As a result, hydrogen refueling stations in the United States are concentrated in the densely populated San Francisco and Los Angeles metropolitan areas. On the other hand, in the fall of 2021, the California Energy Commission approved a three-year $1.4 billion electric vehicle charging and hydrogen supply plan, paving the way for the state’s goal of phasing out the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035. This plan will undoubtedly accelerate the installation of hydrogen refueling stations in California, thereby influencing and driving other states to follow suit. According to the plan of the U.S. Hydrogen Economy Roadmap released by the U.S. Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association FCHEA, 5,600 hydrogen refueling stations are expected to be built across the United States by 2030.

In the construction of hydrogen refueling stations, California focuses on the integration of hydrogen energy applications to form an ecosystem of local hydrogen energy industries. For example, at the beginning of 2021, the US-based hydrogen fuel company PowerTap and the Andretti Group announced a cooperation plan. In the same year, the production and hydrogenation facilities of PowerTap's on-site steam methane reforming hydrogen system will be installed at some of Andretti's more than 100 gas stations.

U.S. oil company Chevron is catching up with European rivals by investing $10 billion in low-carbon businesses between 2021-2028 to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. The company's planned 30 hydrogen stations in California by 2026 will be located at the original retail outlets of the Chevron brand, with some locations that will receive hydrogen supplies directly from its Richmond refinery, as well as future hydrogen production from northern California pilots.

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