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Europe's catch-up to push as a global trend

Only hydrogen energy can effectively solve carbon emissions, and drive the world's infrastructure's construction.

In the general impression, Japan has always been the most advanced country in the development of hydrogen energy. However, from the above analysis, it can be understood that in recent years, the European government and the industry have reached a specific consensus on the vision that hydrogen energy can effectively solve carbon emissions, so they are catching up, and there is a tendency to reverse and become a leader. European government provides full support in hydrogen manufacturing technology, transportation, storage, expansion of demand, deregulation and establishment of hydrogen refueling station network. Furthermore, from the perspective of competition in the auto industry, European car manufacturers were originally quite conservative in their attitude towards the development of hydrogen vehicles; however, in the first round of new energy vehicles, the competition for lithium electric vehicles started late, falling behind Tesla, and naturally it cannot repeat the same mistakes in hydrogen vehicles. On the other hand, lithium batteries cannot be used in heavy vehicles such as commercial vehicles, buses and trucks engaged in medium and long-distance transportation. Switching to hydrogen fuel is the only option for zero emission. This situation is imminent, and it is imperative to build a network of hydrogen refueling stations. When the network is gradually extended to the metropolitan area, it will enable the opportunity of small hydrogen cars. At present, China's development of the hydrogen energy industry also has a trend similar to that of European countries.

Eight years ago, Japan ignited the fire of hydrogen vehicles, and now it will gradually produce sparks in Europe and China, thereby driving the world's hydrogen energy infrastructure’s construction and the trend of hydrogen vehicles.

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