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Cross-border Investment in hydrogen refueling stations becoming a trend


Hydrogen Stations will become a future trend moving toward transnational investment.

Just like the petrochemical industry, or solar and wind power generation, hydrogen refueling stations are also moving towards transnational investment and establishment of strongholds, thinking beyond national borders, with France as the most representative. French gas supplier Air Liquide has designed and built more than 100 hydrogen refueling stations around the world, originally for industrial, public and heavy vehicle use; in 2012, it started to run the first one open to the public in Düsseldorf, Germany. Hydrogen refueling stations, about 50 hydrogen refueling stations have been designed and installed globally. French oil company TotalEnergies has a network of 30 hydrogen refueling stations in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Among them, 24 hydrogen refueling stations are in cooperation with the joint venture, Germany's H2 Mobility to provide oxygen fuel. In Breda of the Netherlands , the company has partnered with Berkman and Tigchelaar, two companies involved in the mobile energy innovation initiative MobilityHUB Breda, to build a complete hydrogen, gasoline and fast-charging multi-fuel supply station of up to 175 kW . The future goal is to work with Daimler Trucks to develop a hydrogen ecosystem for road freight in Europe by 2030 in the four countries mentioned above and in Luxembourg, operating directly or indirectly up to 150 hydrogen refueling stations.

HySetCo, a hydrogen energy business-related company jointly invested by Toyota Motor and Air Liquide in 2019, plans to operate about 20 hydrogen refueling stations in Paris by the end of 2024, in line with the acquired 600 units of Paris taxi operator Slota Group. Those taxis will be switched to hydrogen-powered Mirai to provide services in preparation for the Paris Olympics.

Japan's largest hydrogen manufacturer, Iwatani, is implementing the second and third plan for 2021-2023. The number of hydrogen refueling stations in Japan will increase from 53 in 2020 to 83 units, and the number abroad will increase from 4 to 23 units. Chevron will develop and build 30 hydrogen fuel sites in California by 2026 in collaboration with Rock Valley. The two companies will build a vertically integrated ecosystem of supply and infrastructure that can be replicated in other markets. Chevron will be responsible for the construction of hydrogen refueling stations at retail locations under its brand, which will initially fuel light-duty vehicles while retaining the flexibility to service heavy-duty vehicles over the long term. Iwatani will operate and maintain the hydrogen refueling station and provide hydrogen supply and transportation logistics services. 

PowerTap, an American hydrogen fuel company, is expected to replicate the cooperation model of the company and Andretti Group in setting up hydrogen refueling stations in California to countries in the Middle East before 2023. The company's on-site hydrogen production technology will deploy at least 100 hydrogen refueling stations.

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